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Ken Miller


Marie, Ken and Cali

My name is Ken Miller and I will be seeking a seat on the board of The Majestic Tower.


Living in this wonderful community of ours for two years, Majestic Tower has become my primary residence. I live here full time and use all the facilities on a regular basis so I have a genuine interest in the state of our building.


I am a licensed architect but have spent most of my career in real estate development where I have worked with some of the most reputable private and public real estate firms in the nation.


I welcome you to visit to become more familiar with my expertise.


Interacting with architects, engineers, designers, consultants and contractors on a daily basis lends itself well to collaborative participation, weighing options and making decisions on this half billion-dollar structure of ours, we call home.


My three primary goals as a member are to:

i) ensure the building is operated and residents are being fully serviced at all times at the highest caliber,

ii) preemptively manage long term capital maintenance needs and consider improvements to retain building’s premium status,

iii) make sure everyone is respectively heard and information is readily communicated to all.


My wife Marie and I, along with our Maltese Cali, have made many friends in the community. We welcome you to ask about us with those you know who might already know us.


Please feel free to reach out to me. I would be pleased to grab a coffee in our lively restaurant.


I appreciate your vote next February and look forward to meeting and working with more of our community.


All the best,

Ken Miller

Cell: 973-864-0000


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